When to Schedule a Professional Roof Inspection

It is useful to catch an issue before it starts, which will help you prevent expensive repairs. This is particularly true when it comes to your roofing. It is always a good idea to schedule a roof inspection as soon as possible if you aren’t sure of the age of your roof.  

With roof inspection, you can prepare for the things before they can happen. A lot of homeowners typically take their roofs for granted. That should not be the case. The ideal way to get an idea of the current condition of your roof is to schedule a roof inspection.  

So, when should you hire roofing Rockford IL company for inspection? Here are several tips you can follow: 

Yearly in the Fall 

Routine maintenance for your house will help make sure that you protect your home. The changing seasons in the region bring a variety of weather conditions throughout the year. These weather conditions can result in damages to your house.  

An annual assessment of your roof is the cheapest way to avoid any costly emergency repairs down the line. Fall is an ideal time to examine the condition of your roof before the cold months arrive.  

Your Roof is a Decade Old 

Every single roof has a lifespan. The weather elements greatly affect the longevity of your roof. Over the years, your roof takes a lot of wear and tear. Thus, it’s important to regularly maintain it.  

Each roof installation and each house are unique. Thus, it is crucial to know the condition of your roof. A roofing inspection around the halfway point of your roof’s life expectancy can help you determine any possible problems before they occur.  

Before You Purchase a New House 

When buying a house, home inspections are a part of the process. The roof is one of the primary points of interest. Before you buy a house, you’ll have to know more about the possible problems and the remaining lifespan of the roof.  

With this, you can figure out the time frame in which you’ll have to replace the roof. You can even negotiate a lower price for the house if the roof requires immediate replacement. 

You’ve got Missing Shingles or a Leak 

It is crucial to hire a professional roofing contractor to examine your roof if you notice a leak in your ceiling. If you do this, you can stop the current problem from becoming a major catastrophe.  

Keep in mind that there can be underlying problems if the leak has been happening for quite some time. That is why you should hire a professional to inspect your roof as soon as you notice a leak.  

After a Major Storm 

Almost every roof problem happens after major storms hit your house. It is always a wise move to inspect your roof if you’ve recently experienced flying debris, hail, or strong winds. Keep in mind that you will not see a lot of problems with your naked eye from the ground level. Also, professionals don’t recommend homeowners to climb up their roofs. This is particularly true if you’ve got a high-pitched roof.